Tea-Room, bakery,
pastry shop

About us

The story of our Tea – Room in the village of Airolo is very long. For over 70 years, and until 1999, it was managed by Beffa family.

Recipes given from father to son and hard work have led to the level of great excellence, such as hand-made panettone, which is still produced today according to the recipe of that times.

Chi Siamo Tea Room Beffa

the picture is taken from a postcard of the ’70s

Our panettone

Our panettone is a handicraft product, still baked nowadays according to a recipe that has more than 70 years of history. 

Our delicacies


phone: +41 91 869 17 45

email: info@panettoni.ch

Via San Gottardo 37
CH-6780 Airolo

MON: 08:30 – 16:30
TUE: 08:30 – 14:00
WED-THU: closed
FRI: 09:00 – 19:00
SAT: 07:00 – 14:00
SUN and holidays:
09:00 – 15:00